Covenants, Conditions, & Restrictions and Bylaws

Any neighborhood that wants to preserve the integrity of the space and the land values of the homeowners needs to have a set of conditions and restrictions on resident activity and housing or landscaping changes.  Thus the need for the CC&R's, and for a set of bylaws that govern the internal workings of the Homeowner's Association.

View/download the covenants here.

Strawberry Hill was developed in two divisions (view the Platte Map). The first, "Strawberry Hill. P.U.D.", encompassed the north and east side of Cabrini Drive, including the cul-de-sac's of St. Annes
Court, St. James Court, St. Matthews Court, and St. Pauls Court. The homes were built in the 1970's and were assigned lot numbers 1 through 55. The Strawberry Hill Homeowners Association was born, along with a set of covenants referred to as Strawberry Hill, P.U.D., which was recorded at the county courthouse October 17, 1978, #7810310109. Cabrini Drive at that time was a dead end.

In the 1980's a second division, referred to as "Strawberry Hill, Division 2, P.U.D." was built by extending Cabrini Drive to form a complete loop. Homes on the south and west side of Cabrini Drive were assigned lot numbers 56 through 93. This separate neighborhood also had a homeowners association, and had its own set of covenants, referred to as Strawberry Hill, Division 2, P.U.D., which was recorded at the county courthouse November 22, 1988, #8811220157.

On May 30, 1990, the two homeowner associations and the two set of covenants were merged by the Declaration of Merger and Amendment. The merger document was recorded at the county courthouse August 10, 1990, #9008100130.

Important: In order to understand the covenants, you must read all three documents. The merged covenants provided that the older covenants (SH PUD) superseded the newer covenants (SH Division 2, PUD). The two sets of covenants were essentially identical, except that:

1. The dates were obviously different. This affects the amendment provisions. The older covenants were recorded 10-17-1978 and could be amended by a 90% vote of eligible homeowners for the first 20 years, reverting to 75% thereafter. The newer covenants were recorded 11-22-1988, with a similar 20 year provision. When the covenants were merged, the older dates took precedence.

2. The older covenants said that no parking was permitted along the west side of Cabrini Drive. All the mailboxes at that time were on the west side of the street. The newer covenants said no parking was permitted anywhere on Cabrini Drive. The older covenants take precedence, so the current provision is that no parking is allowed on the west side of Cabrini Drive. This was probably an oversight, because Cabrini Drive is a complete
loop, with north, south, east, and west sides, and mailboxes are scattered along all sides of the street.

The Strawberry Hill Homeowners Association also maintains a set of Amended Bylaws that govern the operation of the association.

If you have any questions about the CC&R's or the Bylaws, please contact an officer of the Board of Directors of the Homeowners Association.

Violation process

A lot of work was done in 2007 to clarify covenants and establishing how to enforce them in as reasonable and consistent manner as possible. If you have concerns or questions about whether you have a violation contact an officer so we can work out a solution. The process is described below.

  1. A First Notice will be given to the homeowner. She or he will have 30 days to comply.
  2. Failing to comply will result in a Second Notice and a fine of $50. The fine accrues monthly, up to $300 maximum in a calendar year. The fine will continue to accrue next year if the violation continues.
  3. Failing to act on the Second Notice will result in Final Action. This can involve a court order compelling the homeowner to correct the violation.